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Counterfeit Product Disclaimer

Please be aware that Samsung Electro-Mechanics or any of our affiliates will not honor warranties for any or all counterfeit products or products sold or supplied via unauthorized offline and/or online distribution channels (i.e. forged Samsung Electro-Mechanics logos, unauthorized distributors falsely acting as 'authorized' distributors). Counterfeit products pose high risk of causing serious damages to the product in which such counterfeit product may be applied. Such damages including, but not limited to product damage, property damage and bodily harm or injury damage.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics and our affiliates strongly encourage our clients and potential clients to avoid any counterfeit products by all means that are falsely distributed via unauthorized online and/or offline distribution channels.

For all or any inquires/purchases please contact Samsung Electro-Mechanics or our affiliates' sales representative or Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ authorized dealers/distributors.

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