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Camera Module

World-Class Camera Module

The camera module is a product used to take photos and videos from mobile devices, such as smartphones, automobile, and smart
home appliances. In all areas, a high level of technology is needed that requires high resolution, miniaturization, slimming, low-power,
and high stiffness. Samsung Electro-Mechanics designs and manufactures core components such as lens, actuator, and PCB in-house.
As the only company equipped with all of the major core technologies for designing and manufacturing world-class camera modules,
we produce camera modules for mobile devices and automobiles.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Camera Module

  • Slim
  • Compact
  • High Performance
  • High Reliability
  • Lens
    Slim Bright Lens
    High CRA
  • SW
    Image Examination Calibration
  • New Tech.
    Multi Camera
    New Actuator
    New Lens
  • Manu-facturing
    Full Automation
    High Cycle & Assemble
    Low Tilt PKG Tech.
  • Synergy
    PCB, Mold, Drive IC
    FA (Failure Analysis) tech.
  • Sensor
    Evaluation Sensor
    New Sensor Tech.
  • Zoom
    High Performance
    Optical Zoom
  • OIS/AF
    High Performance
    OIS/ Closed Loop AF
    Ball Guiding Act.


  • When you go to the Contact us on the main page or the Product page, you can ask questions about technologies and purchases by each region.  

  • It serves the role of re-collecting the light emitted from the subject to form an image on the image sensor.

  • When the number of lenses increase, the refraction angle for each lens decreases, which can reduce the spread of light. Because high resolution has smaller pixels, the core technology is to create the image without the spread of light. 

  • Unlike previous circular lenses, the D-Cut Lens is a lens that has cut the top and bottom areas, and it is advantageous in that it can minimize camera module size. 

  • It is a factor that determines the amount of light that enters the lens by combining the focal distance of the lens with the caliber. When F# is smaller, you can obtain a brighter photo. 

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