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Compliance Reporting

Samsung Electro-Mechanics is open to all reports on the breaches and violations of its compliance program.

Subjects of Reports
Violations of the Fair Trade Act, including unfair impositions, unfair transactions, unfair subcontracts, etc.
Violations of laws pertaining to labor, human rights, privacy protection, trade secrets, safety and security,
environmental protection, etc.
These reports are handled on the condition of strict anonymity and confidentiality.
Reporters, whether executives or employees, will not be subjected to any disadvantage for reporting.
Submit your Report by
E-mail : compliance.semco@samsung.com
Tel : +82-31-8093-8897
Address : Compliance Team, 150 Maeyeong-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea (16674)

Prevention of Corruption

As a world-class company, Samsung Electro-Mechanics strives to meet the most rigorous of all legal and ethical standards in all regions it operates in.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics executives and employees are committed to ensuring the best reputation for their company anywhere in the world by preventing all forms of corruption and bribery, and actively shaping and strengthening a clean organizational culture. There are three main pillars to Samsung Electro-Mechanics’s anticorruption policy.

  • No Bribery

    No bribery is to be made to, or taken from,
    any civil officials or business partners.

  • Convenience Guidelines

    ‘Strict standards apply to the “convenience”
    required to do business
    (including gifts, meals, transportation and accommodation arrangements, etc.).

  • Third-party Representatives

    All third-party representatives
    and business partners must comply
    with the duties laid down
    in Samsung Electro-Mechanics guidelines.

Compliance Overview

SEM’s compliance program monitors and identifies all the applicable laws and rules, and carefully assesses likely risks, with a view to fundamentally prevent and minimize noncompliance of all types and forms. The program involves compliance education for all executives and employees, as well as manuals on each item of compliance to which executives and employees can refer in their official conduct. The program also has a built-in system for self- and field-monitoring so as to identify and analyze compliance-related risks in a proactive manner. With its compliance program, SEM continues to follow up with various activities and minimize risks of noncompliance in advance.

  • Policy
    • Basic
    • Operating
  • Management System
    • Organization
    • Continued
      of Manuals
    Management Process
  • Organizational Culture
    • Compliance
    • Change

Compliance Program

The compliance program at Samsung Electro-Mechanics is mainly divided into three processes: prevention, monitoring, and follow-up.

The prevention part includes compliance education for all employees and executives; manuals and guidelines on compliance to which employees and executives can refer in their official conduct; a self-monitoring system; a help desk to handle inquiries with regard to noncompliance and related matters; and a system for monitoring any updates and changes in various laws and regulations.

The monitoring part involves a standing organization that keeps track of possible risks in each single item of compliance around the clock or on a regular basis. Upon identifying any issues or problems, the organization thoroughly analyzes their causes and outcomes, and apply solutions for fundamental improvement. The organization also shares its experiences and case studies with employees and executives as part of their compliance education so as to prevent recurrence.

The follow-up part involves evaluating the level of compliance, assessing measures taken in response to identified issues, and rewards and sanctions that are designed to ensure effective and sustainable operation of the compliance program.

Involves identifying updates
and changes in law
Provides risk-preventing
processes and guidance
Levels of compliance are evaluated
and rewarded/penalized.
Plans to prevent recurrence are
developed and enforced.
Each department has a team that specializes
in consulting and monitoring on compliance matters.
Alternatives and solutions are proposed with
respect to monitoring results.

CP Emblem

The CP emblem for SEMCO symbolizes the commitment of all the company’s employees and executives to compliance with laws and principles.
The blue color of the dish on the left represents the aspirations of SEMCO to become the top leader of its field, while the green color of the dish on the right symbolizes the company’s commitment to integrity. The scale represents SEMCO’s willingness to maintain a balanced approach to management based on compliance with laws and regulations worldwide.

The orange color of the shield represents the pursuit of mutual benefits and growth, which is a core value of the Samsung Group and its pursuit of becoming a respected company. The shield itself expresses SEMCO’s commitment to protect itself and its members against all legal risks by strictly enforcing its compliance program.

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