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Cyber Audit

The Ethical Management Web Site and the Permanent Ethical Management Monitoring System represent Samsung Electro-Mechanics’s increasing efforts to combat corruption.
Korean and international stakeholders can access these systems at any time from anywhere around the world, and submit their reports on unethical conduct and also access information in multiple languages, including Korean, English, Chinese, and Vietnamese. Samsung Electro-Mechanics is also always open to reports submitted via e-mail, post, and telephone.

Having received reports, Samsung Electro-Mechanics sets out to ascertain the facts, while keeping the identities of reporters strictly confidential. The company then orders the responsible departments to take proper corrective actions, informs the reporters of the results of investigations, and submits corrupt employees and executives to uncompromising discipline. Our Permanent Ethical Management Monitoring System also involves conducting risk analyses of various Samsung Electro-Mechanics business locations in and outside Korea in advance to detect and prevent early signs of risks. The system also prescribes improvements to process vulnerabilities identified, preventing corruption.


Samsung Electro-Mechanics not only provides thorough and proactive anticorruption education, but also enforces rigorous and uncompromising standards and rules with regard to cases of corruption reported.

Responsible executives and employees are subjected to disciplinary actions, and suppliers that have bribed or, otherwise, corrupted these executives and employees are also cut out of business or subjected to other actions intended to prevent recurrence.

Reporting Process

  • Report

    Samsung Electro-Mechanics Web Site ·
    E-mail · Post · Telephone

  • Confirmation of Report Sent Back

    Back to the Reporter within 24 Hours of Receiving the Report

  • Investigation Launched

    Facts Ascertained : With Intermediate Feedback Relayed to the Reporter when Necessary

  • Investigation Result Announced

    Findings Announced and Corrective Actions Taken


Samsung Electro-Mechanics is committed to ethical management, with the goal of becoming a transparent and trustworthy organization.
Samsung Electro-Mechanics is open to all reports on the unethical conduct of its executives and employees.
These reports are handled on the condition of strict anonymity and confidentiality. Your honesty and courage will help us become more transparent and trustworthy.

Subjects of Reports

  • Receiving Bribery (Including Money and Valuables) from or
    being Treated by Buyers
  • Becoming Shareholders of Non-listed Business Partners/Suppliers or Granting the Favors of Buyers
  • Monetary Transaction with Buyers or Between Executives
    and Employees
  • Embezzling Public Funds, Stealing Corporate Assets,
    or Seeking Self-interest
  • Leaking Corporate Information or Outflowing Human Resources
  • Work Discipline-Related Matters (Executives and Employees Working Double Jobs, Illegal Gambling, etc.)
  • Other Matters that Violate the Principles of Ethical management

Submit Your Report by

Submit Your Report by table (E-mail, Fax, Tel, Adress)
E-mail audit.semco@samsung.com Fax +82-31-210-5390
Tel +82-31-210-3306 Address Auditing Team, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, 150, Maeyeong-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea (16674)
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