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Corporate Governance

ESG Rating (2023) : A

ESG Rating Environment, Social, Governance.
Environment Social Governance
A A+ A

※ Rating Agency - Korea Institute of Corporate Governance and Sustainability

Recommendations under Model Standards

Recommendations under Model Standards Recommendations under Model Standards, Acceptance, Note.
Recommendations under Model Standards Acceptance Note
Adoption of Corporate Governance Charter O  
Adoption of Ethics Regulation for Executives O  
Public Notification of Adoption of Concentrated Voting O Announcement through the Home Page
Board of Directors Composition (More than Half Held by Independent Directors) O 3 Internal Directors, 4 Independent Directors
Separation of the Representing Director and Chairperson of Board of Directors, or Appointment of Senior Independent Director O  
Announcement of Board of Directors Activities, Attendance, and Consent/Dissent to Major Agendas O  
Establishment of Director Recommendation Committee O 4 Independent Directors​
Establishment of Compensation Committee O  
Establishment of Audit Committee (All Independent Directors) O 3 Independent Directors
Adoption of Regulations on the Roles and Operation of Board of Directors and Committees O  
Damage Compensation Liability Insurance for Directors at the Company’s Expense O  
Evaluation of Board of Directors Activities X  
Maintenance of Independent Status of Independent Directors O  
Certification of Accuracy and Completeness of Financial Reports by the Representing Director and Financial Personnel O  
Explanation on the Differences with Model Corporate Governance Standards O  
Announcement (in Korean and English) of Audit Reports and Other Crucial Notices O  
Corporate Governance Documents
Corporate Governance Charter
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