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Company 2021.08.23

Samsung Electro-Mechanics provides Buy Now service for MLCCs

Samsung Electro-Mechanics is providing Buy Now service for MLCC products on its website.
Buy Now service enables you to search for inventory, place an order, or request a quote for products carried by Samsung Electro-Mechanics' sales partners around the world.
Here's how to use Buy Now
With Basic Search, you can search three part numbers at the same time.

Four search methods are available: [①Starts With ②Contains ③Exact Match ④Equals(with wildcard support)]. Search is also possible even if you know only part of the part number.
For example, if you select ①Starts With and search for ‘CL03,’ all products starting with CL03 will be displayed. 


* Search results are sorted by part number and recently updated.

If you know only certain parts of the part number, use ②Contains; if you know the exact part number, use ③Exact Match; if you do not know certain parts of the part number, use ④Equals (with wildcard support). If you chose ④Equals (with wildcard support), use a question mark (?) in place of unknown digits. 


After checking Country, Quantity, and Distributor information in the search result screen, click the Buy Now button to go directly to the sales site. By clicking on Distributor, you can send distributor information, RFQ, PO, etc.

Buy Now service is also available on the Product Search page.


Click the Buy Now column in each part number row to view the product inventory status. If the part is out of stock, you can click on ‘contact our Sales Partners’ to directly contact the distributor in your area.

Buy Now service on the Samsung Electro-Mechanics website is designed to improve accessibility to Samsung Electro-Mechanics' MLCCs and make it easy to purchase parts in small quantities. For more information on Samsung Electro-Mechanics' MLCC part numbers and Product Search page, see the related articles below. 



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