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Moving Forward Together with Open Employment

Samsung Electro-Mechanics provides equal opportunities by removing discriminatory factors including academic background, race, religion, gender, age, disabilities and nationality, regardless of individual capabilities to all job seekers. Samsung Electro-Mechanics implements ‘going together with open employment’ for individuals to exert their capabilities to the fullest. This paves the way for anybody to grow as core talents driven by the principle of competency based talent selection.

Employment Process

Samsung Electro-Mechanics provides equal opportunities to all and supports them to exert their competencies to the fullest, by securing competent talents and conducting a fair recruitment process through diverse channels. We provide job opportunities to diverse social brackets by recruiting not only college graduates but also high school graduates as new employees, and spreading an employment culture based on capabilities.


Vision for Talent Nurturing

Samsung Electro-Mechanics conducts specialized leadership, job and global training to develop globally competitive talents to prepare for the future under the motto of the CIC (Change, Innovation, Challenge). Leadership training takes place with a curriculum to impose commitment to performing current roles according to employment rank and preparing for roles for the future. A voluntary learning culture is formed to enhance job expertise by conducting customized training related to jobs in a systematic manner by department. Training takes place on global communication, values and corporate culture for employees at home and abroad, which enables communication at home and abroad and improves their overall competency level.

Customized Training on Competencies

Samsung Electro-Mechanics runs a leadership program, aiming to develop core competencies needed for each job rank. As a consequence, we pave the way for continued growth and development of employees, reinforce a personnel network among trainees and form a culture of communication and collaboration.

Industry Conciliation

Protection of Human Rights

In accordance with the Labor Standards Act, Samsung Electro-Mechanics has provided various devices to protect the human rights of its employees. The Employment Rules contain all kinds of discrimination prohibition and forced labor prohibition clauses, and they are written in languages that our employees can understand, including overseas corporations.

In addition, we strictly observe the human rights protection provisions stipulated in the domestic and overseas constitution and labor laws and observe them preemptively. Samsung Electro-Mechanics complies with RBA (Responsible Business Alliance) regulations, and supports freedom of association and collective bargaining, prohibits forced labor, child labor, and reduces excessive working hours in accordance with labor laws in the country concerned.

Cooperative Labor-Management Culture

Samsung Electro-Mechanics runs the Labor-Management Council pursuant to the Act for Workers’ Participation and Cooperation Enhancement. Believing that stronger competitiveness of employees through labor-management harmony equals the corporate competitiveness, we constantly communicate with the Labor-Management Council, proactively gathering employees’ ideas. By the year 2020, we will process 950 complaints to improve labor-management relations.

Discussions which labor-management representatives participate in every month through board discussion councils and operations through plant councils contribute to improving the cooperative labor-management culture. Matters significantly impacting employees are discussed regularly by organizing the monthly labor-management council meetings and are notified within 30 days.

Equality in Wage

Samsung Electro-Mechanics institutionally guarantees that there is no gender-based wage discrimination, by offering equal wages for men and women working under equal working conditions.

Minimum Wage

Samsung Electro-Mechanics not only guarantees the statutory minimum wage prescribed in Korea, China and Vietnam, etc. but also pays a higher amount compared to the local minimum wage in order to guarantee secure lives for workers.

Safety & Health

Industrial Safety and Health Committee

The Industrial Safety and Health Committee is held every quarter with the equal number of labor-management representatives in accordance with the Industrial Safety and Health Act. The committee establishes plans to prevent industrial disasters and measures to prevent their recurrence, documents and changes regulations on the management of safety and health, reviews and improves the working environment, manages the health of workers and selects protective equipment and safety protection gear, etc.

It has completely handled items, which were selected based on the deliberation and decision-making of the labor and the management on safety and health of employees. As such, we support employees to conduct their work in a pleasant and safe working environment.

Safety and Health Management System

Samsung Electro-Mechanics established a safety and health management system for production subsidiaries, which acquired the OHSAS 18001 certification to enhance their safety level continuously based on the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle. Samsung Electro-Mechanics conducts safety, health, and chemical-related education every year for all employees.

Safety and Health Education

Every year, Samsung Electro-Mechanics conducts risk assessments, facility safety, and chemical substance training (storage of hazardous substances, potential risks to health, MSDS) for all executives and employees to improve their interest in safety and health and level of safety awareness. In addition, simulation education such as safety accident VR/MR experience is provided through the Safety Education Experience Center.

Emergency Drills

Samsung Electro-Mechanics devised its 13th scenario on the leakage of chemicals, fire, explosion, earthquake and storm surge, and conducts emergency drills on a monthly basis. Company-wide building evacuation drills are conducted twice a year for employees to be gathered at designated evacuation outlets and assembly places. They are reminded of duties imposed on contingency units and trained to control evacuees in the assembly places, enhancing their capabilities to respond to crisis. In addition, we operate a response manual in preparation for various environmental and safety accidents, and establish a system that can minimize the scale of damage in the event of an accident.

Medical Service

Samsung Electro-Mechanics conducts a periodic health check-up to prevent all diseases including occupational ones. For employees aged 30 and above and their spouse, a complete periodic check-up is offered. Systematic health management services are provided through general and special check-ups.

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